Saturday, July 21st, 8:12am: Flash Flood Watch Saturday 2:00pm Until Late Evening

The National Weather Service has continued the Flash Flood Watch for our region.  The Watch is in effect on Saturday, July 21stat 2:00pm through late this evening.  The Watch means that there is the possibility of very heavy rainfall in a short period of time which could cause street flooding along barrier island communities.  Two to four inches of rain are in the forecast for Saturday afternoon through the evening.

There is also a risk for strong rip currents in the ocean in southern New Jersey.

A coastal low pressure system will locate itself along our coastline this afternoon and this evening. This system is expected to bring showers, heavy rain, and thunderstorms at times from mid afternoon through Saturday night.  The storm could include strong gusty winds, and rough surf is expected.

Never attempt to drive your vehicle on any street or through any intersection where rainwater has flooded the street.  The water is always deeper than it appears and driving on a flooded street will put you and your vehicle at risk, and cause an unnecessary wake that can damage private and public property.  Secure any items that are prone to wind events at the shore, including umbrellas, patio furniture, and trash cans; wind gusts may approach 35-40mph.

If you are visiting the shore, please speak with your neighbors about flood prone areas in your neighborhood.  If your neighborhood is prone to street flooding, take necessary precautions to protect your motor vehicles and property.  Managers of construction site should take extra steps to ensure that any heavy rains or gusty winds will not move debris around neighborhoods.

Continue to monitor the forecast on traditional media outlets.  If you have any emergency, dial 911.  If you have a power outage, contact Atlantic City Electric directly at 1-800-833-7476.  We continue to remain in contact with the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management shall any further advisories be necessary.

Please pay attentions to all instructions provided by your Beach Patrol; never enter the ocean without a lifeguard present.

Here is the text of the Flash Flood Watch and the Rip Current Risk issued by the National Weather Service.

Flash Flood Watch

Flood Watch National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 344 AM EDT Sat Jul 21 2018  FLASH FLOOD WATCH REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 2 PM EDT THIS AFTERNOON THROUGH LATE TONIGHT…  The Flash Flood Watch continues for  * Northeastern Maryland, Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania,   southern New Jersey and parts of central New Jersey.   * From 2:00 PM this afternoon through late tonight.   * Heavy rain is expected from this afternoon into this evening.   Rainfall amounts of 2 to 4 inches are forecast. Much of the rain   is expected to fall over a period of only a few hours.   * Excessive rainfall in a short amount of time can lead to flash   flooding. Urban areas, locations along small streams and creeks,   and areas of poor drainage are most vulnerable to flash   flooding.   PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS…  A Flash Flood Watch means that there is the potential for flash flooding which can be life-threatening. Heavy rain is expected to occur over a short period of time. Rapidly rising flood waters may quickly inundate roadways and areas of poor drainage. Streams and creeks could leave their banks, flooding nearby properties.  Please monitor the forecast, especially if you live in a location that is prone to flooding. Be prepared to take action if a flash flood warning is issued for your area

Rip Current Statement

Coastal Hazard Message National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 525 AM EDT Sat Jul 21 2018  HIGH RIP CURRENT RISK REMAINS IN EFFECT THROUGH THIS EVENING…  * LOCATIONS…Beaches from Monmouth County, New Jersey southward   along the coastline through Cape May and the Delaware Beaches.  * TIMING…Into this evening.  * RIP CURRENT RISK…High.  * WAVES…Breaking waves building to 3 to 6 feet in the surf   zone.  * SURF ZONE IMPACTS…Very strong rip currents will be life-   threatening to anyone who enters the surf.  PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS…  Stay out of the surf today. If you are ever caught in a rip current, relax and float. Do not swim against the current. If you can, swim in a direction following the shoreline. If you are unable to escape, face the shore and call or wave for help.  &&